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Harley Sportster tank and fenders painted

The Sportster tank and fenders were painted in a spray booth with 2k gloss black, and I’ve just been sent these pictures from the painter. Just look at that finish! I’ll post an update when the parts are fitted to the bike on the 15th.

Harley Sportster Engine Painted

The chrome has to go! This Sportster came to me with every optional chrome cover under the sun and was way too blingy for my taste. So, after taking off the covers the engine was masked up and sanded with 400 grit. Followed by a light mist coat of high temperature paint/primer combination. Then a […]

CNC Router CAD model finalised

The CAD model of the CNC Router project is essentially complete, so production can continue with the gantry and Z axis. I’m hoping to have this project finished at the end of February, which will allow a huge expansion of the range of products which can be produced in-house.

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