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CNC Router Gantry Fabrication

The next step in the CNC Router build is to fabricate the fixed gantry.

The gantry consists of a 200x100x6 piece of SHS supported by 100x100x3 SHS legs and fronted by a piece of 10mm plate to provide a flat mounting surface for the precision linear rails. The back stays are 75x75x3 SHS.

The front face has been milled flat to provide a precise surface for the linear rails.

And with the gantry all assembled on the base frame we are ready to attach the rails

Still to come: Z axis fabrication, linear rails, ballscrews, stepper motors, electronics, spindle mounts, and more!

Once this machine is completed we will be able to provide 3 axis machining of aluminium, brass, copper, plastics and wood.