1976 Datsun 260c

This 1976 Datsun H330 260c sedan was in pretty average shape when acquired. The carburetor didn't work, the fuel tank was rusty, the fuel pickup and hardlines were blocked and it had more rust than was immediately apparent on initial inspection.

However since the car was mostly solid, straight and complete it was decided it was a good candidate for a restoration.

Initial plans for the car are as follows:

  • Fix the rust
  • Fix the fuel system
  • Fit a new Weber carburetor
  • Fix the bonnet release cable
  • Paint the car black inside and out
  • Sound deaden the interior
  • Replace the carpet
  • Tint the windows
  • Lower it
  • Repair the air conditioning
  • Fit some nice wheels
  • Fit a nice stereo

Further plans, depending on how the restoration goes, include a driveline swap of some kind (1uz turbo, Barra, 1jz, LS1, RB30ET or a big block are all options I've looked at) and a brake upgrade to match.

Pictures From The Seller

I opted not to take the wheels he had on the car, I felt they didn't really suit the body style and he had the original wheels and hubcaps to put on instead.

Got it Home

The car didn't run very well at all and I narrowed it down to a problem with the fuel system. The pump was not working, the fuel line and/or pickup in the fuel tank was blocked with rust and the carburetor was completely shot.

I also found some surface rust, and some not-so-surface rust that will need to be fixed

A new Weber carburetor has been fitted

Work has begun on restoring the interior

A new set of wheels has also been test fitted

The front wheels will need to have the center bore machined out to fit the hubs, but the rears fit very well.

The fuel tank is currently being treated with the KBS 3-step tank sealer process and a new pickup will be welded on shortly. Once this is done the rust will be cut out and replaced with new metal, and finally the interior will be put back together.

Following this, the car will be registered on historic registration and then will be painted; the colour will most likely be a much darker green or black.