1979 Toyota Corolla

Back in 2015 I undertook a bare metal restoration of a 1979 KE55 Toyota Corolla. The car was in very poor condition, with a rattle can black spray paint job, a very rough interior and the engine did not run very well.

1979 Corolla KE55 as I bought it

Some of the paint was even flaking off to reveal several bad paint jobs underneath

The process of stripping the car back to bare metal was laborious, and revealed many rusted areas. The entire back nearside quarter panel needed replacing, as well as most of that rear arch.

Some of the original (and non-original) holes were welded up to delete them

The whole car was then shot in primer

Stripes were marked up

Blue stripes on a white car was the colour scheme chosen.

And the finished paint job (sans bumper)

After the respray the KE had a whole new interior put in with SAAS bucket seats, the engine had a freshen up and the car ran very reliably for many months before it was sold (and then sadly written off)