1993 Mazda MX5


1993 was the final year that the Mazda MX-5 was offered with the 1.6L B6 engine, making this one of the last before the 1.8L became the standard engine later that same year.

This MX-5 currently has a 1.8L BP engine swap with a TD04 turbo, all completed in house at Barber Precision. It has a Haltech Elite ECU on a custom wiring harness, LS1 coil conversion among many other suspension and brake modifications.

Up until recently this car had a Mazda KLDE 2.5L V6 engine from a 1996 MX-6 installed, and was featured in Mighty Car Mods Magazine, however that engine has been removed for further modifications. It was the only KL swapped MX-5 in Australia and one very few worldwide.

The MX-5 recently had a 3″ stainless exhaust and boost controller installed by the customer and made over 160 kilowatts at the rear wheels. All of the Barber Precision turbo conversion components are still installed and functioning well.