PROFLOW 8mm (5/16″) submersible fuel hose 200mm


Submersible fuel hose, 8mm internal diameter, 200mm long, E85 safe, J30R10 rated

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The Proflow submersible hose is designed for in-tank applications, such as between an in-tank fuel pump and the sending unit. It is designed for constant fuel contact in the inside and outside of the hose. Its FKM construction is reinforced with Aramid fibre. It is compatible with most fuels including E85 and biodiesel. Not recommended for use with straight methanol. It meets the SAE J30R10 standard.

8mm (5/16″) internal diameter
Sold in 200mm lengths
Multiple lengths will be sent as one continuous length up to, and including, 1m


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 120 × 20 × 20 mm